From the desk of Jim Miley FCM Apostolic Leader

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From the desk of Jim Miley FCM Apostolic Leader

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From the desk of Jim Miley FCM Apostolic Leader
Many organizations who have political appointments into leadership, when someone calls them, most of these people do not return the call in a prompt way or perhaps not at all because there really is no calling on their life to do so.
Finally, ethics is paramount. Keeping ones word, to your hurt is deemed to be absolutely necessary. Keeping appointments really needs to come under the same heading and is a matter of ethics. It is not an excuse to say that you forgot to keep a promise – it to falls under the lack of ethics.
If one knows that they have a weakness in a certain area, then it is important to become doubly sure that you remember. I find that writing things in the calendar and then looking at it every day helps in this area. Perfection may not be able to be attained; however the less imperfections a person has, the less possibility of failure and hurt. It is easier for people to be placed into leadership than to be removed. Let’s watch out for good mores and ethics – these people will be examples to us all. Ability, appearance without a sustaining morale character will leave them and others around them only shipwrecked. Let us be patient and wait to see who will develop in the church.

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