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From The Desk Of Dr. Jim Miley FCM President

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Make Positive Decisions for 2014 about Leadership:• People who always complain about others including leadership show signs of rebellion and need to be further discipled before they should at all be considered for leadership. The people around these individuals will see these traits and not recognize them to be leaders and as a result will not follow their instruction. Later this will set one up for failure. But do remember, as previously discussed, it’s not just the people who should recognize the gifts, it must also be the pastor of the local church..

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From The Desk Of Dr. Jim Miley FCM President

Category : Our Founder

An apostolic team is when the Lord calls out His servants as he did in Acts 13 to go and make disciples where there are no or very few disciples
Apostolic Teams“ a band men and women called together by God to advance the kingdom and glorify God by making disciples of lost people and planting and multiplying churches”. Romans 15:7-20
The… primary difference between elders serving in a local church and an apostolic team is vision and function. Elders serve by equipping, disciplining and overseeing the members of a local church. Apostolic Teams include all five-fold ministries but always have at least one apostle leading them and have apostolic vision. Apostolic teams focus on pioneering amongst those who have not yet heard the good news. Apostolic teams give oversight to pioneering movements; they cultivate a set of core values that empower such a movement.
Local church elders care for the flock under their charge; an apostolic team does the same thing on a larger scale because they have many churches that they minister to and oversee. They also do church planting and have a culture of faith and vision to reach those who have never heard the good news.
Apostolic teams are focused. They are not satisfied with just overseeing the affairs of a local church. They burn with a desire to plant churches and reach those outside the influence of the gospel, especially those who have never heard of God’s love in Christ.
Apostolic teams are not apostolic because all the team members are prophets or apostles. They are apostolic because they have a vision to plant churches where the gospel has not yet been proclaimed. You can be an apostle by gifting and fail to fulfill the purpose of your gift. Apostles are pioneers by calling, but they start new churches to fulfill their calling.
They preach the gospel, make disciples for Christ, plant churches and appoint and oversee elders of local churches. They believe God for the impossible and pull down Satan’s strongholds amongst the unreached and the unchurched. They suffer and sacrifice for what they believe. In short, they win, gather, and multiply disciples and churches for Jesus –especially where people are unchurched and unreached.  -Team Leader

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Missions Director Gary Hines

Category : Mission Updates

Dear FCM Family, we’ve just concluded our 3rd day of training of Regional Leaders with the topics of The Holy Spirit, Biblical Prosperity, Integrity & Origins of Translations of the Bible.  The entire team has been blessed and are an incredible blessing.   As you know Jason Brittain, Dan Harvey, Kathy Hines and myself comprise this trip’s team.

 Would you pray for us tomorrow, Thursday – September 12 – as we meet with the Minister of Foreign Relations here in Kampala. 

We are speaking to him about 3 topics in particular:  1. A stem cell project that has great potential impact for HIV/AIDS treatment, 2. A radio station and 3 – VERY IMPORTANT OUR PORTABLE BIBLE SCHOOL  and how we see this moving forward. 

I know many of you will meet tonight and pray for our nation, commemorating the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Would you be gracious enough to remember us as we meet tomorrow, not long after you dismiss your services, with the Minister? 

Everyone is doing an outstanding job and no one has experienced any illness or the such at all.

Blessing to you all and thanks again for your prayers.

AGAPE –   Gary & Kathy

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Leadership Team

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