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Each year thousands of people go on short-term mission trips. Some feel a nudge to be a part of something that benefits someone else. Others seek out a mission trip for the adventure of new things and the hope of personal growth. They have a desire to see, experience and discover their faith in new and meaningful ways. We believe that Christian mission trips are about both of these ideas.

Here at Faith Covenant Ministries we believe that we find adventure when we perceive God working among us and become a part of His mission. The adventure is a result of the mission. We love the adventure, but it was never the goal. Living out our mission and serving others always comes first.

Bring your Church, youth ministry or family group on a 1-2 week mission trip to one of our U.S. or international partner communities. For more information or custom dates and locations,


please email us here.or simply click the Country below for a downloadable MISSION flyer of what could be you next adventure.



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